2008 Pennsylvania Top 50 Recruits
Rk Name Pos Ht/Wt/40 Town/City High School Verbal/Commit
1 Dorian Bell MLB 6-1/205/4.55 Monroeville Gateway Ohio State
  Bob L.--"Outstanding athlete and tireless competitor. Buckeyes got a great one."
2 Eric Shrive OT 6-5/285/5.3 Scranton West Scranton Penn State
  Bob L.--"Just what the doctor ordered for PSU a giant with a nasty disposition."
3 Je'ron Stokes WR 6-0/180 Philadelphia Northeast Tennessee
  Bob L.--"Combination of speed and explosion make him very difficult to cover."
4 Corey Brown CB 6-2/180/4.60 Monroeville Gateway Ohio State
  Bob L.--"Not the fastest corner, but he makes up for it with flawless mechanics."
5 Dan Mason MLB 6-0/215/4.6 Pittsburgh Penn Hills -
  Bob L.--"Prototype MIKE LB who is simply outstanding."
6 Tom Savage QB 6-3/230 Springfield Cardinal O'Hara Rutgers
  Bob L.--"Faces a ton of pressure to live up to all the early hype."
7 Brock DeCicco TE 6-5/205/4.65 Jefferson Hills Thomas Jefferson -
  Bob L.--"An almost impossible match-up for a LB and even worse for a safety."
8 Jaleel Clark WR 6-4/190 Allentown Parkland -
  Bob L.--"Not a blazer, but is as smooth and fluid as they come."
9 Tyrone Ezell DE 6-3/250/4.75 Homewood Steel Valley -
  Bob L.--"Raw, but a ton of potential. Could eventually grow into a DT."
10 Todd Thomas WR 6-4/180/4.55 Beaver Falls Beaver Falls -
  Bob L.--"May be the best athlete in the state, needs to show the desire to be the best."
11 Mark Arcidiacono OT 6-5/285 Philadelphia St. Josephs Prep Penn State
  Bob L.--"Penn State solified there line in a huge way with this guy."
12 Jordan Hall RB 5-8/180/4.5 Jeannette Jeannette Ohio State
  Bob L.--"Faces the pressure of being the go-to guy with Terrelle Pryor gone."
13 E.J. Banks S 6-0/175 Montour Montour -
  Bob L.--"We're not sure that he can be a corner, but he is an outstanding athlete."
14 Abdul Smith S 5-11.5/175/4.49 Collegeville Perkiomen School Rutgers
  Bob L.--"As instinctual and cerebral a high school safety as you'll find."
15 A.J. Fenton SLB 6-1.5/206/4.65 Erie McDowell -
  Bob L.--"An old school tough guy that will lay it all on the line."
16 Justin Renfrow TE 6-4/240/4.90 Philadelphia Penn Charter Virginia
  Bob L.--"Gifted athlete who is raw, but has as much upside as anyone in the state."
17 Paul Carrezola TE 6-4/250 Langhorne Neshaminy Rutgers
  Bob L.--"Gifted blocker who can also catch the ball."
18 Kadeem Custis OT 6-5/280 Philadelphia Neumann Goretti -
  Bob L.--"He is also raw, but very gifted and can get downright nasty."
19 Cory King OT 6-5/300 Stoneboro Lakeview Pittsburgh
  Bob L.--"A mauler at tackle, could shift down to guard in college."
20 Juantez Hollins DT 6-4/265/5.0 Aliquippa Aliquippa Pittsburgh
  Bob L.--"Another player with tremenodus upside. He hasn't scratched the surface yet."
21 Jack Lippert DE 6-5/225/4.75 Harrisburg Central Dauphin Pittsburgh
  Bob L.--"Gifted player with a great body, but will he stay healthy?"
22 Jordan Hill DT 6-3/260/4.65 Harrisburg Steelton Highspire Rutgers
  Bob L.--"Reminds me of former Woodland Hills star Tyre Young."
23 Ryan Schlieper OG 6-4/280/5.18 Wexford North Allegheny -
  Bob L.--"Possibly the best pure interior lineman in the state."
24 Malik Generett WR 6-5/205/4.55 York William Penn Uconn
  Bob L.--"Give Randy Edsall credit for stealing this gem very early."
25 Jay Colbert WLB 6-2/210/4.65 Langhorne Neshaminy -
  Bob L.--"A pass rush specialist who can excel at WLB."
26 Devin Street WR 6-3.5/180/4.48 Bethlehem Liberty Pittsburgh
  Bob L.--"If someone can throw him the ball he should put up freakish numbers."
27 Adam Gress OT 6-7/285/5.20 West Mifflin West Mifflin Penn State
  Bob L.--"Still learning the position, but has the potential to be a stalwart at PSU."
28 Shawn Bodtman FB 6-0/205/4.58 Scranton West Scranton Nebraska
  Bob L.--"Like Fenton he is an old school tough guy who plays the game like you should."
29 Curtis Drake CB 6-0/175/4.49 Philadelphia West Catholic Penn State
  Bob L.--"Outstanding athlete who just needs to find out what position he will play."
30 Gary Gilliam TE 6-7/245/4.8 Hershey Milton S. Hershey -
  Bob L.--"Like Renfrow has a very high ceiling. Doesn't even know how good he can be."
31 Blake Graham OT 6-5/280/4.90 Philadelphia Northeast Catholic -
  Bob L.--"Raw, but could play offense or defense for someone."
32 Chris Houston CB 5-10/175/4.49 Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt -
  Bob L.--"The more we see him play corner the more we like him."
33 Steve Greene OG 6-4/285 Ebensburg Bishop Carroll -
  Bob L.--"Road grader who plays weaker competition, we'll see if it matters."
34 Deonte Flemings CB 5-10/170/4.5 Erie Strong Vincent -
  Bob L.--"Great cover corner, may even be a better receiver. Needs to work on academics."
35 Steve Marck TE 6-3/240/4.75 Fairless Hills Pennsbury -
  Bob L.--"Just like his older brother C.J. the kid just does it and doesn't talk about it."
36 Christian Kuntz WR 6-4/190/4.40 Camp Hill Trinity Penn State
  Bob L.--"Freak athlete with great size, just needs a true position."
37 C.J. Brown QB 6-3/200/4.7 Cranberry Seneca Valley Maryland
  Bob L.--"Has really improved his arm strength and mechanics since last year."
38 Andrew Shoop QB 6-2/190 Danville Danville -
  Bob L.--"It's tough not to like Shoop, just has that moxy about him."
39 Pat Eger OT 6-6/260 Jefferson Hills Thomas Jefferson West Virginia
  Bob L.--"Could be very good once he fills out his body. Moves very well for a tackle."
40 Tyler Bullock DE 6-4/235 Mechanicsburg Mechanicsburg Uconn
  Bob L.--"Very raw, but once he learns the game he could be a dominant force."
41 Jordan Roussos DE 6-4/235/4.70 Carnegie Carlynton -
  Bob L.--"Maybe the best player in the state that no one even really knows about."
42 John Wetzel OT 6-7/270/5.3 Pittsburgh Brashear -
  Bob L.--"Like Renfrow , Wetzel could be a special player he just needs some work."
43 Tevrin Brandon CB 5-11/175/4.30 Bethlehem Catholic UConn
  Bob L.--"There is no substitute for speed and he is 4.3 all day."
44 Matt Couch C 6-2/275 Enola East Pennsboro -
  Bob L.--"Best pure center prospect in the state this year."
45 Nick Kindler OT 6-6/285 Camp Hill Trinity -
  Bob L.--"There is no doubting his ability, but can he stay healthy?"
46 Emmitt Terrell MLB 6-2/215/4.65 State College State College -
  Bob L.--"If you like Dick Butkus you will love watching Emmitt Terrell. Even has the flat top."
47 Matthew Plautz WR 6-5/185/4.65 Harmony Seneca Valley -
  Bob L.--"Great kid who just busts his but to get the most out of his abilities."
48 Dante Ushery MLB 6-1/215/4.60 Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt -
  Bob L.--"Great athlete who could be a fullback or linebacker."
49 Nick Sizemore MLB 6-1/220/4.7 Lancaster Manheim Township -
  Bob L.--"If Sizemore could run a 40 he'd have 20 offers. He just gets it done."
50 Rob Hollomon RB 5-8/160/4.45 Philadelphia West Catholic -
  Bob L.--"This kid can just flat out fly. Very dangerous with a ball in his hands."
51 Mike Poplaski TE 6-4/255/4.7 Mechanicsburg Mechanicsburg -
  Bob L.--"Big TE who is not afraid to get after it. Tenacious blocker at point of attack."
52 Adam Citko OT 6-5/300/5.55 Warminster Archbishop Wood -
  Bob L.--"Has improved tremendously since last year, still has a little ways to go."
53 Colin Rodkey OT 6-4/265/5.35 Monroeville Gateway -
  Bob L.--"One of Terry Smith's most productive linemen. Just needs to be mean all the time."
54 Terry Patrick CB 6-1/180.4.45 Aliquippa Aliquippa -
  Bob L.--"Would be a top 20 player in the state if his grades were better. Great athlete."
55 Levi Brown DT 6-2.5/320/5.10 Bethlehem Liberty Temple
  Bob L.--"Run stuffers are not easy to find and Brown is a good one."